I’ve lost count of the amount of blogs I’ve set up and then swiftly deleted over the years. I’ve written about every subject I’m passionate about, from music, film and gaming, to politics, current affairs, books, and even dabbled briefly in football “journalism”. I put varying amounts of effort into each of those blogs but could never stick to them consistently, for one reason or another.

This time is different. This time I’m combining all of my passions into one blog and instead of attempting to come up with fun, creative names for each blog I’m just going to stick to the most obvious name…my own. This blog will be a very true and honest extension of me and everything I love. I can’t tell you how regular the posts will be, how in-depth they’ll be or what they’ll focus on because one week I might do a quick review of a football match, the next week I do a feature about the new Marvel film, a week later I might write a whole essay ranting about the latest government f**k up. It’ll basically be a literary representation of my brain and all the mad sh*t that I think about on a daily basis.

If you want stability and consistency, you won’t find it here. If you want honesty, the occasional chuckle, or some reading material to send you to sleep, feel free to subscribe to my blog and let’s see what happens, shall we?